Fusion was born as an back2back dj proyect in earlier 2002. And it's name is not casual. Fusion it's the union of two souls connected by music. Fusion of genders. Fusion of profund sounds. Fusion of styles, of passions, of energy.

Dj RoMix vs. Dj Szteixo.


RoMix began on the turn tables on 2002, and only 6 months after her start, she was playing on several parties in Buenos Aires, and her debut as a professional Dj was the on july/2002 at the bar-restaurant Malaga, for 800 people.

After various presentations at Malaga, she began to play at one of the most famous and legendary clubs in Buenos Aires, New York City, where she made it till became resident. Also played as headliner at the Caix Club. From that point she moved through several clubs like Mint, La Ideal, SuperSoul and Elsiland, among others.

Besides the Buenos aires clubs, she travelled to the interior of the country: Casa Babylon, Loop and Reina Alba from Cordoba, and on the Mega Party Galactica, in Mendoza.

RoMix count with the support od several Djs and people related to the electronic ambient from all over the world. Artists like Dj Hernan Cattaneo, Steve Porter, Lexicon Avenue and Lee Burridge are only some of them. Electronic music distributors and producers like Unique, 3 beat and Release.

Now a days she is resident on wednesdays night in the Supersoul bar-restaurant in Buenos Aires, with many guests djs. She works as a producer in the most popular electronic music in Argentina, Metrodance.

Her sets can be downloaded all over the internet, but mainly at Release Records in Canada, and Proton Radio as well, where she was a guest dj.

Don't miss her performances, she has the hability to make people dance where ever they are.

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